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    Anhorn successfully participated in the 126th China Import and Export Fair

    Published date:2019年10月29日    Visitspage views:703

      On 15th October, the first phase of the 126th Canton Fair was opened in Guangzhou. This year's exhibition welcomed 642 mergers from 38 countries and regions, and 11 national and regional pavilions. As an old friend of the Canton Fair, Anhorn has brought a number of new LED products and intelligent lighting products to showcase the latest achievements in lighting applications to companies and buyers around the world.


      --Smart dimming lighting solution

    Using 2.4G wireless dimming and color module to adjust the color temperature and brightness

    - Supporting mobile phone, remote control, switch control

    - Supporting remote control, group control and timing control

    Supporting remote control, group control and timing control

    One gateway can connect 128 lamps together

    Very suitable for project, commercial lighting; home lighting


      --Regular new lighting products

      1. LED Half Moon

     - Two design: Single color (3000K/6000K) & 2in1 color (6500K+3000K; 6500K+BLUE; 3000K+BLUE)

     - Patterns could be customized



      2. LED Iron Panel light

     - Two options: DOB (Driver on the broad) & external driver

     - Can be dealed by SKD, easy assembling; back-lite lighting higher lumen         


      --Communicating with different countries’ customers

      During the five-day exhibition, our company's booth attracted many foreign counterparts to come and negotiate. Our products and services have been recognized and praised by buyers.




      If you would like to know any details about product information, please feel free to contact us!


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